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Migration From MYN-ClearContext Pro

Licensed users of MYN-ClearContext Professional are eligible for a free license to the MYN Views add-in. Use of the MYN Views add-in enables MYN functionality with the current new ClearContext.

Please enter your email address to request your complimentary MYN Views license and have it emailed to you. If you no longer have access to the email addressed used to purchase MYN-ClearContext Pro, please contact support.

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How is MYN supported in the new ClearContext?

In the previous ClearContext Pro product, there was a special MYN version that provided the MYN Outlook views and the customizations for optimal use of ClearContext with MYN.

With the current new ClearContext, the MYN views have been moved to a separate MYN Views add-in which is independent of ClearContext. Installation of the MYN Views add-in enables the MYN optimizations with the standard version of ClearContext. Said another way, installing the MYN Views add-in turns ClearContext into the MYN version of ClearContext.


Why were the MYN views separated from ClearContext?

Separation of the MYN views allows both components to be updated separately from each other. In addition, it simplifies the logistics of having different variants. Now, if someone want so install ClearContext, there is a single source for that. If use with MYN is desired, then installing the MYN Views add-in will MYN enhance ClearContext.


Can MYN Views be used by itself?

Yes MYN Views is a complete standalone product, and can be used solely to maintain the MYN Views in Outlook.


How does licensing work for MYN Views and ClearContext?

As MYN Views and ClearContext are separate though complimentary products, each product is licensed separately.

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Where can I get more information on MYN Views?

Please explore this MYN Views web site for information.


Need help not listed here?

Contact ClearContext Support at the support site